• I have a home PC and was pleased with the service I received. The service was efficient and delivered on-time at a reasonable cost. I appreciate the professional way the service was delivered in my home without the hassle of having to pack up my PC and take it to an office. I would definitely utilize the service again and will pass the word along to family and friends. Thank you Computer DoctorX!

    Service and Repair
    Kris (Louisville)
  • I must say you offer a critical service for my business. Without reliable electronic communication and other computer services I would not be able to operate my consulting business very effectively. It's great to know the answer to a computer problem is only a phone call away.

    Don Dickinson, President
    Donald L Dickinson Consulting Inc.

    Service and Repair
    Don Dickinson
  • Thanks for coming so promptly to restore my computer service. Your work was expert, effective, quick and -- best of all -- reasonably priced. On top of it, you gave me a lot of good advice for getting the most out of my computer and avoiding future problems. Thanks.

    Service and Repair
    Dave Simcox
  • I was very impressed with the service I received from Wayne Hutchins (Computer DoctorX). He arrived promptly, knew exactly what he was doing, and answered several additional questions I had about my plans to utilize a computer calendar. Unlike a lot of computer technicians, he explained everything in terms I could easily understand.

    Service and Repair
    Dr. John Lacy
  • Thank you for getting my personal computer back up to speed! The service was professional and efficient and the expert advice you provided is priceless. I will definitely use the Computer Doctor X again and recommend to others.

    Service and Repair
    Debbie - Louisville, KY
  • My experience with the Computer Doctor[X] was fantastic. I called him and discussed the problems that my computer was having.....he found the problem
    and corrected it quickly. The repair cost was fair, he was very knowledgeable and I will use him for all my future computer needs.

    Thanks Computer Doctor[X].

    Service and Repair
    Colin S. Sims
  • I cannot highly enough recommend Computer DoctoRx. When my laptop stopped working I called Computer DoctoRx, and appreciated the helpful assistance and quick price quote. The price provided was half of what was quoted by other companies. Mrs. Hutchins was even able to pick up and drop off my laptop when I was unable to do so! The service was professional, courteous, and very quick. It is now very rare to receive personal attention to the degree provided by the Hutchins. I intend to utilize Computer DoctoRx for all of my computer needs, and am happy to recommend the business to my friends and family.

    Service and Repair
    (The Rev.) William Myers
  • Wayne was very patient and helpful in getting our system back up and running. He was also willing to answer questions and would do whatever it took to resolve the issue.
    I would highly recommend Computer DoctoRx for your computer needs. Thank You!


    Service and Repair
    Jeff Coffman
  • Dear future customers of The Computer Doctor[X] a.k.a Wayne Hutchins:

    I would like to thank Wayne for all the hard work he has done to help our business grow. He was and has been very patient with all the questions that have been presented to him and even the questions about computers that had no relationship to the project at hand. He explained everything so simply and thoroughly not like other businesses that make it hard to even understand. Wayne and his associates have done such a great job on our new website. He has helped us make major decisions about colors, layouts and much more. I would just like to say thank you to Wayne and company for being patient and understanding. You really have helped out a lot.
    Thank you,

    Web Design
    Nikki G.
  • Thank you Computer DoctorX for all your help in my new website design and implementation. I love the hit counter and the asp program was easy to learn. Now I can make changes when I need to and don't have to consult a professional for every little adjustment or page I add.

    Web Design
    Diane Carlin, Hypnotherapist